FIAT is bringing the 500 to the USA!!!

The only cars that I get excited about these days are small pocket-rocket "B" cars. The USA doesn't have them. Europe and Japan have lots of them. HOWEVER (and this is why I got all excited and started looking through auto-history books), FIAT is planning on bringing over their 500 (and most likely the Abarth variants)!!! SEE HERE:Fiat-Chrysler partnership will bring 7 new models to U.S. And see the ABARTH variants HERE:Fiat Abarth division I'm very excited!

Since current automobiles these days are so confounded ugly, I decided to go through all my auto-history books and make a wish list of the cars of years-past that I like and want re-manufactured. I envision a day when the auto-manufacturers will make you whatever car you want (of their particular brand)

FORDS: '40, '51, '55 Fairlane/Victoria. '55-57 & '61-65 Tbird. '64 & '66-67 Fairlane. '64-65 Falcon.
One of my friends owned a '64 Fairlane and he dropped a 427 (from a '68 Torino I think) into it to make a pseudo Thunderbolt. Man did that thing fly!!! And it looked good too (the T-bolts were ugly). Another friend owned a '64 Thunderbird and man I loved that thing (not as much as the Fairlane though).

BUICK: '59 Invicta.
I just about bought a broken down, rusted out one of these (sitting behind some guy's barn). My dad stopped me (he didn't want it in his yard, not believing I was going to restore it). But when I sat in it I felt awesome. Everything inside of those cars is so cool looking.

PONTIAC: '61-62 Catalina.
I really like the styling and build of these cars. They also have neat interiors.

PLYMOUTH: '56 Fury, 66-68 Belvedere/Satellite series.
One of my friends owned a '68 Roadrunner with a 426 Hemi. It was a neat car and never stopped burning tires. I never liked the "beep-beep" horn though. I really like the GTX and Satellite models.

DODGE: '66-68 Coronet series.
One of my favorite cars is the Super Bee. I remember the first time I saw one. It was at a car-show and I was about 10 years old. There was a yellow one and a green one. I stared and stared and drooled.