What exactly is "beauty"? PART 1

I think beauty is universal, quantitative and calculable. There is a standard of beauty that does NOT change and transcends time, culture, personal preference and the zeitgeist (fads). This must be.

Those who study principles and elements of design and have a sufficient grasp of these concepts and are able to wield them to so much as hint at fine design and beauty know this... but are also aware that as they learn more about it they realize that they have no idea what exactly beauty is. They may be able to copy works of the masters from the past and present, thus mimicking beauty. They may also hit-and-miss, creating one or two works of astounding beauty but never really knowing how or why and simply fall back into copying their own work and or those of others.

To truly CREATE beauty (and not by merely accidental hit-and-miss blundering moments in life), one must know and understand not only the principles and elements of design, but must also know why they work, when, how and what for. Having the talents (the topic of talent being a whole other massive topic) to wield the tools of visual-beauty will also aid greatly in the efforts, however I think that one who studies the finer elements of life (those of beauty) and puts forth much effort and practice can also create works of fine beauty. But the talented one will have a higher propensity to experience a strong desire to create visual beauty and enjoy it to no end. The talented one will also be able to grasp more quickly the aspects of beauty and design (when I speak of design I'm not simply referring to anything designed but something designed well... hence good design).

Beauty is at its core truth. It is a visual manifestation of the promise of something. It is a visual statement of the potential for performance and function. That which is more functional than something else will be more beautiful. That which performs efficiently and with great results will be the most beautiful. That which is more beautiful will be more functional and have greater performance.

Beauty is not simply an accident and or personal taste. It is in the eye of the beholder ONLY so far as the beholder tolerates defect. Beauty is purposeful and determined. Since most people don't understand it they rely on emotion, personal preference and whims to describe and attempt to understand it.